Anna Caplin

'Utthita Ashwa Sanchalanasana'.-Ania with her son Teo; August 29, 2016

The yoga teacher who didn't like yoga...

   Ania began her yoga journey as a simple desire to use her practice as part of her physiotherapy to address ongoing scoliosis. Shortly after fell in love with yoga, amazed by the movement of limbs and muscles, muscles she even didn't realised existed within her body, she became a true believer that yoga does cure -lengthening and strengthening, prevention from chronic back pain, growing mentally, emotionally in ways she has never expected. Literally she has grown 2.5cm!   

  Her passion for the flow of movements and benefits of them for the body and mind intrigued her and the regular classes weren't enough anymore. She started a teacher training programme to get deeper into the subject. After graduating Yoga Alliance Teacher Training, she discovered that this was just a beginning. With this passion to learn she travelled across India to study yoga in different places. She explored her horizons in Himalaya Iyengar Institute, Mysore, Varkala, Rishikesh and inspired by many teachers and students she met, created her own unique style of teaching. Now she provides sessions of Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha  in the most respected yoga studios in Essex.    

  'I enjoy the physical challenge and the safe practice. I teach with passion and energy to encourage students to stay on the mat, to avoid contusions, build strengths, awareness and understanding of their bodies with correct breath, alignment and point of focus. In my regular classes students might expect to breathe, laugh and sweat!'    

  Ania is also a qualified with Yoga Alliance UK  Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher.  

 'I love teaching prenatal classes. All this blooming energy radiating from mums to be. I feel honored to help them enjoy the pregnancy with a minimal discomfort, cultivate breath awareness and strengthen the body in preparation for the big day.'  

 Each pregnancy is different and complexed. Ania believes that with her experience as a qualified teacher and new mum she can offer every mum to be an appropriate support and practice on her individual journey to motherhood.

Her desire to learn more hasn't stoped. In her free time, she attends to the workshops with great Yoga Teachers like R. Sharat Jois, David and Doug Swenson and others. Meeting those gurus influences and shapes her style of teaching continuously. 

Hard to believe that the first time she met yoga Ania couldn't understand others  enthusiasm about it (??!!!;)  ' When I was studying at university, I worked in students clubs behind the bar. Night lifestyle, parties and busy daily study where cultivating my body stiffness and preparing me for a later period of depression. At one of the parties, a couple of friends where showing me a few postures from their first yoga sessions. I of course had to try these for myself ... today I still remember myself struggling in downward facing dog, with my face contorted with the agony of my body, thinking "why would anyone want to torture themselves this way?!' Probably a few glasses of wine helped me with my final statement 'I don't like yoga, I would never do it to myself! ' 

Luckily enough  never say never worked for her especially when she really started to suffer with lower back problems and depressive moods. 

She came here alone to work without a family or friends and without access to her usual physio treatments.  

'Evenings were the worst, I'd find myself in bed crying with the pain from my back. It was really a tough time I was prepared to try anything and hearing about the benefits of yoga I started a beginners course in a local studio. I probably don't have to add that this changed my opinion about Yoga drastically.'


That's why in Ania's opinion, starting yoga with experienced teacher its really important. No book, movie, friend would be able to guide you safely and accommodate postures for your individual needs as a dedicated qualified teacher.

 'It was fascinating how much it helped and not only for my back...I was able to gradually reduce antidepressants and slowly started cooping with daily life without them. Since then love happened, marriage and baby...and still yoga is one of the most important parts of my life. Yoga is never going to stop surprising me and teaching me more, with every challenge and each breath. Luckily enough I'm addicted to it and happy to share that passion with you.' 

Go 4 Yoga!


  ' I was lucky enough to have Ania as a yoga teacher for more than a year. Her enthusiasms and great energy is contagious to everyone around her. She is an excellent teacher and has a great knowledge of how to apply the technique to get the maximum benefit from each posture and she knows how to deliver this to her students. She has given me a valuable knowledge of how my body works and how to use it. Thanks to her my practice has improved massively. Almu '

'Ania is a wonderful yoga teacher. She is always mindful of student’s injuries/conditions and she makes all students feel welcome whether new to her class or regular students. Her classes are challenging if you need them to be however Ania always insists you are mindful of how you are feeling and gives alternatives to ensure everyone is included at different levels. Her vinyasa classes are varied and well planned but Ania can (and has) adapted a whole class plan, in an instance, to suit the mood of the whole class - one of my favourite classes was just this! The words that immediately spring to mind describing Ania's classes are; fun; enjoyable; challenging; mindful and she has a wicked sense of humour. Ania's classes give me the opportunity to forget the world and go into myself for a lovely 1 ¼ hrs. Stephanie '     

  'I have been attending Anna's classes for over a year now and cannot recommend her highly enough; her classes are always fun, challenging, rewarding and well thought out. Anna brings a genuine joy and happy spirit to the class which is contagious and her adjustments are heavenly, she has encouraged us all to develop and grow and even succeeded in moving me to do arm balances!! I feel very lucky to have found such a great and caring teacher. Alison'  

  'I joined Ania's class when I was 20 weeks pregnant - it helped me to relax and soon became the highlight of my week. I used the positions at home, at work and during my labour - they all really helped. I also attend a class when I was overdue and just hours later my little started her journey into the world... The class that day really relaxed me and perhaps got things moving!? Gemma'


 'Ania proved to be an excellent yoga instructor at this Vinyasa class I attended for at least 1 year. She explained the point of each posture beautifully and always reminded the class about the importance of the breath. I felt very comfortable in her presence and enjoyed challenging myself with her as I progressed. I was having problems with shallow breathing and anxiety at work and Ania showed me how to improve my breath in order to stay calmer and feel more in control. This had a real impact on my long hours at work in a very physical job. She creates a very positive loving energy and I would highly recommend her as a yoga instructor. Melanie '